Ernie Hudson Joins ‘Quantum Leap’ Reboot Series

Ernie Hudson has been cast in a leading role for their upcoming Quantum Leap reboot series at NBC. The Ghostbusters star will play Vietnam veteran Herbert “Magic” Williams, opposite Raymond Lee who plays a renowned physicist named Dr. Ben Seong.

Taking place 30 years since the original series, the reboot Quantum Leap series will see a new team brought together to restart the decades-old project to try and figure out the truth behind the machine.

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ernie hudson

After Lee’s character previously described as a man of “both science and faith,” steps into Quantum Leap accelerator and is sent to the 1980s with amnesia, Williams uses his military rank and some politicking to keep the Pentagon away from the project long enough to rescue Ben.

Quantum Leap is written and executive produced by Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt. The series is also executive produced by Martin Gero and creator Don Bellisario.

Whilst other details like when it airs are still unknown, we do know that this series is set in the present time.