Marvel’s ‘Blade’ Reboot Slashes Budget Amid Creative Shifts

Marvel’s highly-anticipated Blade reboot has encountered a series of hurdles since its 2019 announcement at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). A recent Variety report paints a detailed picture of the project’s complexities, from creative shifts to budgetary constraints.

Blade‘s script underwent numerous revisions, cycling through five writers and two directors. A notable draft even relegated Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali from the lead role, focusing on a woman-centric storyline imbued with life lessons. Such drastic changes reportedly left Ali reevaluating his association with the film.


Budget considerations have further complicated Blade‘s development. Traditionally, Marvel allocates hundreds of millions for its cinematic endeavours. Yet, Blade‘s rumoured budget stands at an unconventional sub-$100 million mark, a stark contrast to previous Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) investments.

Directorial shifts have also marked the film’s evolution. Initially, Bassam Tariq was set to helm the project. However, by 2022, Tariq had exited, making way for Yann Demange of Lovecraft Country fame. Demange’s involvement hints at a potentially grittier MCU offering.

Amid these shifts, Blade also experienced a notable writer change, bringing Nic Pizzolatto on board, and reuniting him with Ali following their collaboration on True Detective. While the writers strike had paused script developments, its conclusion in September paved the way for resumed work. Nevertheless, an ongoing actors strike stalls further progress.

Disney’s returned CEO, Bob Iger, now grapples with these creative and financial MCU challenges. The recent inclusion of Oscar-nominated writer Michael Green suggests a fresh start for the Blade film.

Fans and analysts alike remain keenly interested in Blade‘s fate. With the MCU also exploring avenues like an original Avengers reunion and a Doctor Doom storyline, Blade‘s eventual direction, influenced by its challenges, remains an awaited mystery.