Author Ernest Cline Developing ‘Ready Player One’ Metaverse Experience With Warner Bros. Discovery

Forget fiction’s limitations, the OASIS from Ready Player One is stepping into reality with the launch of a new metaverse platform, created by none other than the author himself.

The 2011 novel by Ernest Cline, adapted into a film by Steven Spielberg in 2018, portrayed a dystopian future where people escape into a virtual reality called the OASIS. Now, Cline, alongside film producer Dan Farah and the metaverse company Futureverse, has announced the creation of Readyverse Studios. This new venture aims to bring a version of the OASIS to life, offering interactive digital experiences using various intellectual properties.

In a company statement as per Variety, “Readyverse Studios is laying the groundwork to bring the promise of the open metaverse depicted in Cline’s ‘Ready Player One’ novel and the blockbuster film adaptation into a tangible reality: a multi-world, multi-IP, interoperable open metaverse experience for mass consumers.”

The first property to enter this digital realm will be Ready Player One itself, through a partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery. Readyverse Studios plans to incorporate other brands and franchises into this digital universe, allowing users to interact with characters from different worlds.

However, there’s some irony in this development, considering the novel’s warning about the perils of losing oneself in a virtual world. Cline, who once depicted the dangers of such technology, is now actively involved in creating a similar reality.

The Readyverse is described as a dynamic platform that will enable users to engage with a variety of digital experiences. This new venture represents the current entertainment industry’s fixation on intellectual property, moving beyond traditional cinema to immersive, interactive environments. Despite the concerns, Cline is optimistic, believing that Readyverse Studios will utilize Futureverse’s advanced technology to create an exceptional version of the metaverse.

“The future has arrived even more quickly than I imagined,” Cline stated. “With Readyverse Studios, we have the opportunity to leverage the revolutionary technology Futureverse has been building for several years to bring to life the best possible version of the metaverse. I’m confident with this team, we have the brightest minds and biggest hearts in place to lead us into the next chapter of our collective future… a future that would make Wade Watts and James Halliday proud.”

“Readyverse Studios will offer exciting new metaverse opportunities for Hollywood studios, talent, and brands to create new revenue streams and creative outlets for brand expansion while offering consumers the ability to enjoy the promise of the open metaverse,” Farah added.

The debate over the validity of such a platform stems from the OASIS’s dual nature in the narrative as both beneficial and potentially harmful. While the OASIS offers virtual schooling and adventures, it also raises concerns about identity and real-world connections. The sequel, Ready Player Two, further complicates this relationship with technology.

Readyverse Studios’ version of the OASIS, set to launch in 2024, will not replicate the book’s universe entirely due to budget constraints and technological limitations. However, this initiative marks a significant step in the convergence of technology and entertainment, blurring the lines between fiction and reality.