Epic ‘Street Fighter 6’ And ‘Spy x Family’ Crossover Short Primes Yor & Chun-Li For Ultimate Girlboss Clash

A new challenger has graced the arena, as the Thorn Princess dishes out a flurry of blows in a colourful bout against the Spring Princess in a special animated short. Following the announcement of a Spy x Family and Street Fighter 6 crossover, the official PlayStation YouTube channel has released a promotional trailer featuring Yor and Chun-Li, and it’s a breathtaking sight to behold.

“To celebrate the upcoming release of the movie SPY×FAMILY CODE: White, we are gearing up for a collaboration with Street Fighter 6!”, reads the trailer’s description. “A special showdown animation short depicting a fight scene between featuring Yor and Chun-Li was released today, prior to the in-game activities coming in the near future. Look out for the collaboration in Street Fighter 6 coming soon!”

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Hailing from Wit Studio, the powerhouse behind the Spy x Family anime, the reel opens with Yor in her iconic black facing off against Chun-Li at the Nayshall stage. The 2D perspective then shifts into a flashy, stylish sequence, with the pair constantly trading and dodging blows.

Details of the crossover continue to be sparse, but if the game’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tie-in is anything to go by, players can expect to see some themed avatar items and Battle Hub customisations. It’d also be cool to have Chun-Li in Yor’s dress, although the recent Outfit 3 update makes this unlikely.

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Unfortunately for fans of the anime, Yor won’t be part of the roster, as Street Fighter historically doesn’t bring in guest characters, unless they are Capcom property.

Street Fighter 6 Spy x Family Collaboration Trailer

The Spy x Family and Street Fighter 6 collaboration kicks off 9 January 2024, after the release of the Code White film in Japan on 22 December. It will be all-new work with an original story following the Forger family’s vacation in the Frigis region. Series creator Tatsuya Endō, serving as supervisor, is credited with the original work and original character designs for the animated feature.