Amazon Prime Debuts First Look At Fallout Series

Amazon Is Rushing Out ‘Fallout’ Season 2

It’s back to the wasteland once again and the Fallout season 2 is getting the express track for it to be added to Prime Video’s release slate.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Fallout’s showrunners revealed that it’s all systems go season two but were hesitant to provide even a close estimate.

Here’s the quote in full –

“I’m hesitant to give a date that will be taken out of context and live on Reddit for a year or so. But we are going as fast as we possibly can, and we’ve got a lot of heavy lifting from Season 1 already done. We have sets, assets, visual effects, that are already done. We are hitting the ground running this season. We’re going to be pedal to the metal to get season two out as fast as humanly possible.”

Graham Wagner, Fallout Showrunner
Bethesda Fallout Projects

It does make sense for the showrunners to want to get production moving as soon as possible but it also largely depends on the availability of the cast. With Ella Purnell (Lucy), Walton Goggins (The Ghoul), and Aaron Moten (Maximus) all earning rave reviews for their roles, we would imagine that they might have more projects on hand to work on as well.

So until we get an actual release date announcement, the next best thing would be to get delve into the Fallout universe proper via the games and on the go with the upcoming MSI Claw X Fallout gaming handheld.