EA’s Project Atlas Targets Streaming!

It looks like all the behemoths in the gaming industry have their eyes set on a slice of that game streaming pie.

After Google’s announced Project Stream and Microsoft Project xCloud, EA has now revealed their very own Project Atlas — all fairly straightforward, self-explanatory titles we realise, if anyone’s joining the club, they better do it soon before every streaming-related nomenclature gets taken up.

EA’s Chief Technology Officer Ken Moss has declared in a Medium post that with Project Atlas, EA intends to “offer living, breathing worlds that constantly evolve”, via “inputs from other players, AI, and even the real world”.

When we talk about cloud gaming, we’re referring to a game that resides on an EA server rather than on the gamer’s PC or mobile device. The gamer enters the game by installing a thin client that can access EA’s servers where the games are running. We’ve been developing software that utilizes the cloud to remotely process and stream blockbuster, multiplayer HD games with the lowest possible latency, and also to unlock even more possibilities for dynamic social and cross-platform play. Beyond that, we’re investing in cloud gaming to enable deeper personalization, and to eventually create a world full of user generated content — blurring the lines between the discrete domains of game engines and game services.

Ken Moss, EA Chief Technology Officer

While there’s no news of a release date for Project Atlas, Moss ends his post off with an invitation to join EA’s team, so we can assume they’re currently still in the midst of development.