Dwayne Johnson Unveils First Glimpse Of Black Adam With DC FanDome Teaser

There is plenty to look forward to when DC FanDome goes live on 22 August 2020. A virtual one-stop place for all things related to the DC game, movie, and comic universe, it will feature exciting content such as the highly-awaited Snyder Cut of Justice League, guest appearances from the cast and creators of various TV series and movies, and special screenings, all around the clock.

Now, another one adds to the list. On Twitter, action star Dwayne Johnson, affectionately known as The Rock, dropped a short DC FanDome teaser to give a sneak peek at Black Adam, alongside a caption that reads, “THEY NEEDED A HERO. INSTEAD THEY GOT ME.” Seems like someone’s really excited to show off the Man in Black.

As with most teasers, the reel is purposefully cryptic, and only offers a blink-and-you-will-miss-it still of the super villain. Starting off with a whole slew of names involved in the event, it then shows Johnson’s silhouette against the backdrop of a dilapidated, ruined temple after a lighting bolt flashes past the screen.

We’ll have to wait till 22 August to know exactly what the Black Adam movie entails, though there have been some hints here and there. Johnson confirmed last fall that the Justice Society of America will be brought into the film, which also sees Noah Centineo playing the role of Atom Smasher. Currently, the movie is slotted for 22 December 2021 with filming set to begin in Summer 2020, though the continued outbreak of COVID-19 could mean a possible delay in the timeline.

Header image courtesy of BossLogic (ArtStation, Twitter, and Instagram).