Dune Spice Wars

‘Dune: Spice Wars’ Gets Late April 2022 Release On Steam Early Access

Real-time strategy (RTS) and Dune fans have been looking forward to the release of Dune: Spice Wars for clear reasons. Developed by Shiro Games and Funcom, it is the first RTS game based on Dune in 23 years. While it is based on Frank Herbert’s classic sci-fi novel of the same name, it also takes some inspiration from the visual style of the Denis Villeneuve film adaptation. Now, the game has gotten a release date and the fourth playable faction has been unveiled.

Dune: Spice Wars will be released in Early Access on 26 April 2022, and the fourth playable faction will be the Fremen. In the lore, the Fremen are inhabitants of the desert planet Arrakis, and are experienced survivalists able to adapt to the harsh desert conditions. In the game, they enjoy a lower chance of attracting sandworms and have an easier time forming alliances with NPC factions.

Dune: Spice Wars

According to Sebastien Vidal, CEO of Shiro Games, “With so many massive Dune fans in the studio, the excitement I see every day of working with this universe is very real, and we hope this comes across in the game. With all this passion for the source material, and all the know-how we’ve gathered from making Northgard, we can’t wait to put this game into players’ hands.”

This is not the only Dune game in development right now, as Funcom is developing an open-world survival game set in the Dune universe as well. For now, fans can wishlist Dune: Spice Wars on Steam, and relive some old-school Dune II RTS with this superfan’s remake.