Dress Fresh With The Fila Korea x Subway Collection

If eating fresh just isn’t enough, you can now eat fresh and look fresh, courtesy of Fila Korea‘s latest collaboration with well-known fast-food chain Subway.

The collection, which offers a huge range of quirky items from shirts to socks and headwear, spans across a price range of S$11.50 to S$91.50. Every product in the line has been reinvented in Subway’s signature colours, with two of the eatery’s most popular sandwiches taking the spotlight: Italian BMT, and Egg Mayo. But Fila is best known for their footwear, after all, and that means the kicks are most likely the headliners of this limited-time event.


First on the shoe list is the Classic Border OG (S$68.40), a low-cut sneaker that has white as its base colour. The shoelaces are printed with the tagline for the collection, “Taste Good. Feel Good.,” while the insoles house a textual aesthetic: “Egg Mayo” as the heading, and the list of ingredients as the accompanying text.

Another one for the sneakerheads. The Jagato Shoes (S$91.50) sports a similar appearance to the Classic Border OG, with a tag on the heel taking the form of the Italian BMT sandwich ingredient list, and an elevated base.

The Subway Drifter (S$45.20), meanwhile, is a great pick for those who like to lounge around with their friends in a casual outfit, and for the lazy, relaxing days.

T-shirts (S$45.20)

The green/black Egg Mayo and yellow/white Italian BMT t-shirts feature a minimalist front with the Fila and Subway logos on the left side, and an ingredient checklist on the back that’s accompanied by images of the respective sandwiches.

In contrast to the logo subtlety of the earlier designs, the Sandwich Drawing has the Subway text stretched across the front, and a neat illustration of a layer-separated sandwich behind in sketched ink. The collaboration tagline, “Taste Good. Feel Good.” is also included alongside the Fila logo.

The Sandwich aesthetic, meanwhile, retains the same text-based design on the front, but swaps out the back for a picture of either the Italian BMT or Egg Mayo surrounded by blocky letters from the tagline. This pick is available in both black and white variations.

With green as the base colour, the Recipe t-shirt goes all-out in the minimalist department, and lays out the drawings of the sandwich and its ingredients in clear, crisp lineart. Pretty cool, that.

The last on the list, the Logo Graphic design sports the Fila logo in front, and boxes up the corresponding Subway logo at the back in a green square. It’s a little tacky, but works for those who prefer a bolder style.


Taking on the look of a brown paper bag, the Party Platter Bag (S$80) and Sandwich Bag (S$45.20) are made with transparent PVC layered on paper fabric. The former is a large-sized tote bag that comes with an internal pocket to store smaller items, while the latter is designed more for convenience and mobility with its smaller form factor.


This themed headwear comes in two colour variations: good old black, and the gaudier green, white, and yellow. Both sport the same design, with the Subway logo on the front, and a list of checkboxes for the Italian BMT at the side – at the price of S$40.50 each.

Socks and Pouch

To complement its footwear selection, Fila has also included a three-piece sock bundle in the collection for the ultimate pairing experience. The socks are made out of cotton and polyester, and will retail at S$11.50. A standalone BMT sandwich pouch is up for grabs as well, which can be used to hold stationery and other small items.

The entire themed collection is now available on the official Fila Korea website, with the sock bundle and Jagato Shoes already out of stock. There’s no option for international delivery, but those outside of Korea can head over to Airfrov to place their pre-orders, albeit at a higher price. Do hurry, though – the last day for pre-order is 15 May 2020, and that’s only four days away.