South Korea’s ONE Store App Platform Launches Globally

For the majority of Android users, the Google Play store is the default option to grab essential apps on their devices, but the Android ecosystem is more than just dependent on one single app store, especially when it comes to country or language-specific offerings. Since launching in 2009, the ONE Store, operated by South Korea’s leading telco, SK Telecom, has established itself as a worthy competitor to the incumbent, and is now ready to make its library of apps available to Android users globally.

With the ONE Store now available to all users worldwide, the team is hosting a selection of launch benefits, offerings, coupons and expanded rewards points to educate and inform global Android users of a quality alternative,  recognizes the growing desire for added benefits.

From now until 31 December 2023, get open beta event discount coupons in the ‘Offers’ tab for the latest promotions, and here’s a peek into what users can expect in the weeks ahead:

  • 15 to 21 December – 50% off selected apps
  • 22 to 31 December – 90% off selected apps

Even if the app that you have set your eyes on didn’t get a generous discount, the ONE Store offers a referral system for you to encourage your friends to join the platform. The Referral function adds a social dimension, allowing users to earn additional benefits by playing with friends. Points can be earned during registration, app downloads, and in-app purchases, creating a continual point-generating loop, and ultimately, efforts are rewarded as these points can then be used to immediately offset any purchases made within the ONE Store.

Combining the coupon and referral system, it’s possible to stack discounts and deals together to offset an entire purchase of an app and its in-game items as well. So it makes sense to refer your friends to the store and redeem as many coupons as possible as the deals roll out. We usually see this with online shopping sites and ONE Store is an instance where such a promotion is applied to an app store.

To ensure a hassle-free experience, the ONE Store also offers convenient purchase and payment options through Razer Gold or major credit cards. Prominent games, including Idle Moon Rabbit from AbleGames, Dual Blader by SuperBox, F Class Adventurer from EKGames, and Evo Pop by ZeptoLab are available.

With the worldwide launch still in an open beta phase, the ONE Store is actively working to expand its library of games and apps. Over time, the goal is for the store to provide a diverse and extensive range of content. An aspect that fans of web3 games might want to look out for shortly would be the ONE Store’s acceptance of web3 games on its platform. While the term web3 might sit differently with many gamers, the ONE Store seeks to provide a full range of gaming options for both gamers and mobile developers to seek out new opportunities not found on existing platforms.

Standing out as an app store on the Android platform is not an easy task, but it seems that the ONE Store has poised itself to garner as many sign-ups in its beta period. Be sure to check out the launch page and see if any of the apps strike your fancy.