Thailand Game Show 2019 – Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Teases New Gameplay Footage Of Majin Buu & Majin Vegeta Showdown

Ask a Dragon Ball Z fan to name the most iconic fight scenes in the series, and chances are the Majin Buu and Majin Vegeta showdown will be one of them. It is, after all, the first time that Majin Buu has powered up, showing enthusiasts that he’s not just a ridiculous-looking character, but one capable of menace as well.

With Bandai Namco’s announcement that the scene will be recreated (see above) in their upcoming title Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, hype is certainly in the air. The team will unveil the legendary clash at the Thailand Game Show Special Stage Event on October 26, 2019, so here’s a throwback to how the battle unfolded in the anime.

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Our hands-on sessions at E3 2019 and Tokyo Game Show 2019 gathered extremely positive reception, and the addition of this celebrated face-off only serves to propel the game further into the limelight. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is currently slated for launch on January 16, 2020, with Thai subtitles and Japanese voiceover for their Thai counterpart, and seems to be shaping up into a title worth of note.