Don’t Break Your Bank For A LEGO Istana In Singapore, Here’s An Affordable Alternative

Scalpers. Scalpers everywhere.

From tickets to Avengers: Endgame on premiere day, to limited-edition LEGO models, people online are always looking to make a quick buck with unsuspecting innocents who just want in on the latest fad.

Recently, Singaporeans and tourists alike have been scouring the net for the LEGO Istana, a limited-edition brick model of the iconic presidential home of Singapore, as part of its 150th anniversary on Labour Day.

Apparently, some “smart” folks who managed to snag a copy of it when they visited the Istana are now selling it at astronomically ridiculous prices on places such as Carousell.

This will naturally cause many unwise, if not desparate, buyers to purchase the LEGO Istana, even at such ghastly prices.

Thankfully, there are some goodhearted people who are willing to undermine these scalpers.

The SG AFOL Brick Marketplace Facebook Group in Singapore has one such seller putting up the LEGO Istana for a mere S$42 – roughly a fifth the price of some of the most expensive ones on Carousell.

The best part about this is that this version was made entirely out of official LEGO bricks. Sourced using the likes of Bricklink and Brickfinder, but official nonetheless.

While these “official” sets are now sold out, it is still an awesome gesture in response to the nastiness of resellers.

Now that you’ve read this, buyer beware. There are smarter ways to get your own LEGO Istana.

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