Disney’s Home Alone Reboot Will Deviate From The 1990 Original

You can’t include reboots in this reboot-centric era without the iconic holiday movie, Home Alone.

The reboot of the 1990 classic by Disney-Fox is currently in pre-production, and according to The Observer, the main character will be named Max – the first deviation from the original film. For the uninitiated, the lead for the original Home Alone was Kevin McAllister, played by Macaulay Culkin.

Macaulay Caulkin as Kevin McAllister.

While Kevin was dealing with two thieves, Max, as it appears, will be going up against “a husband and wife” after having “stolen something from them”. This is a major change of tone from the original movie, giving Max a slight antihero vibe. However, it seems that he will be just as cunning and resourceful as Kevin, which is a key component in Home Alone.

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Obviously, given that Culkin is now 39, and the general landscape of the original movie is two decades dated, it would make sense to do a reboot in this modern age. However, there isn’t any confirmation as to who will be playing as Max, though it is reported that Disney-Fox is looking for a big name in the industry.

A name has already cropped up for Home Alone, but not for the role of Max. Instead, it will be that of the director, of which Dan Mazer (Borat, Da Ali G Show, Brüno) has been tipped to step up in. Saturday Night Live alum Mikey Day and Streeter Siedel will be co-writing the script.

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