Diablo IV’s New Trailer Reveals Iconic Rogue Class

Blizzcon 2021 has unveiled the fourth playable class in Diablo IV, and it is none other than the bow-wielding Rogue!

A blast from the past, the Rogue was an iconic class from the original Diablo game. They were featured prominently in Diablo II as Hirelings and appeared briefly throughout the campaigns but weren’t around in Diablo III. Now we finally see their return in the new upcoming sequel.

The Rogue is a hybrid class that can go for melee and ranged builds. Very much like a combination between the Demon Hunter and the Assassin from the prequel games, the trailer unveils new abilities and familiar skillsets that the Rogue will carry as to bring havoc to hell itself.

And if you hadn’t noticed, we finally found out where all the “Ears” we collected from Diablo II went. It is likely that we will also see its return in Diablo IV.

Blizzcon 2021 will run from 19 to 20 February solely online featuring highlights, replays and news dedicated to their titles World of WarcraftHearthstoneDiabloOverwatch and “Strategy” which seems to involve StarCraft. The event is also free.