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Design Your Own Private Island With Fortnite Creative!

Fortnite Season 7 is kicking off and with it, an all-new mode, Fortnite Creative — which, as you may have guessed from its name, lets you tap into your creative juices to build an island of your own, ground-up. That’s right, you’ll be starting with a blank slate. Well, some mountains and some plains, but still, it’s mostly blank.

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If you’re into Minecraft, or The Sims, you’ll probably enjoy the (almost!) endless possibilities and the ability to go ham with towering fortresses, sprawling castles, and various reimaginings of whatever sets we see in popular media — we’re expecting to see someone come up with a Hogwarts, Death Star and an Erebor, all in good time.

Apparently, you’ll be using a smartphone-styled tool to drag, scale, copy and paste items in Creative Mode. It also comes with some prefabs, and you can put customised chests and loot llamas on your island, with as many gold stars in them as your heart desires. Although, if you’re building a map to play with friends, it might be a bit of a downer to know where everything is beforehand — or… maybe you enjoy having the advantage of prior knowledge on your pals.

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Aside from building stuff and duking it out, we can also see players creating their own mini-drama series with Fortnite Creative, which sounds like a nice alternative to The Sims (although it’ll lack the mods and support afforded to The Sims’ community, considering how it’s fresh out of the oven).

If you have the Battle Pass for Season 7, you’ll be able to access Fortnite Creative immediately when Season 7 lands December 6, 2018, everyone else will have to wait till December 13, 2018 — although, Battle Pass-holders can invite anyone to their private islands.

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And yeah, we may expect a couple of hiccups in Fortnite Creative’s early days — for a change as monumental as this, it’s unlikely to be smooth-sailing — but there’s a lot of potential to be tapped, and we imagine it’ll be truly awesome one day. We probably just have to stick around till Epic gets rid of all the kinks and jogs.

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