Demon Slayer And Pretty Cure Themed Happy Meal Sets Land In McDonald’s Japan

Japan, the land of our favourite animes of all various genre has stepped up their game with the widely loved Demon Slayer anime adorning their McDonald’s Happy Meal sets.

The well-received release of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Infinity Train surpassed Ghibli Studio’s Spirited Away last year, giving McDonald’s an opportunity that they cannot allow to pass by. You can say that the fast-food chain has hopped on the ‘Mugen’ train too.


Starting from 5 March 2021, the American fast-food chain in Japan has released Demon Slayer focused Happy Meal sets. The gifts that come with the Happy Meal sets include character stickers, stickers of famous lines and scenes from the movie, as well as limited-edition stickers of the main characters dressed as McDonald’s employees. Customers are given the option to pick one of the three sticker sets to take home for keeps.

Additionally, McDonald’s also released Pretty Cure Happy Meal sets based on Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure for those who prefer a more magical light-hearted content. The Pretty Cure, McDonald’s Happy Meal set includes five different colouring books to choose from based on the five main characters of the series.

Moreover, both Happy Meal sets also include previously released toys from their respective franchise. It just keeps getting better and better!

These sets are available in Japan nation-wide for only a span of two weeks from 5 March 2021. What a good way for fans to collect items of their favourite anime in a way that will not break the bank.

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