Decepticon ‘Scorponok’ Now Transforms Into A Gaming Chair

Who says you can’t work from home or game in style? Computer chairs may not be something very exciting to the everyday man but you have to admit that this scorpion-shaped gaming chair that transforms like Scorponok is pretty neat!


The Cluvens Scorpion Computer Cockpit is a unique piece for the geekiest of workstations. With a scorpion-like skeleton, this unique computer cockpit cum work and gaming chair goes for a whopping US$3,299 and is made-to-order for anyone who wants Scorponok as their gaming buddy.

The chair can do up to six different poses that suits your comfort level when working, playing games, watching videos or even sleeping and includes massage features, heated and tilt-able seating and LED lighting.


This deadly chair can hold up to three 29-inch monitors and weighs a total of 120 kilograms. It surely is a hefty piece but that means it can sit a person of up to 124 kilograms in a zero-gravity position.

Cluvens prides itself as an affordable computer cockpit brand but if you’re not willing to drop 3 grand, you can look into an Omnidesk Pro 2020 table and an ASUS ROG Chariot RGB Gaming Chair, APOL Behemoth Ergonomic Chair or Secretlab Omega 2018 Gaming Chair to achieve a cool and modern workstation too.

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