‘Deadpool 3’ Wraps Filming, Opens July 2024

It’s a wrap for Deadpool 3, with Ryan Reynolds (Red Notice) sharing the news on Instagram alongside a picture of the costume. And it looks like we won’t be waiting much longer, with the movie setting a 26 July release date.

“The suit hides blood. Also sweat… But today, with Deadpool wrapping, it’s mostly tears,” wrote Reynolds in his Instagram post. Deadpool’s production was delayed as a result of the SAG-AFTRA strikes, but shooting soon went back on track after its resolution.

Deadpool 3 stars Ryan Reynolds as the titular character, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, and Morena Baccarin as Vanessa, Wade’s fiancée. Jennifer Garner (Daredevil) will play Elektra in the film as well. We’ll be seeing Wolverine and Deadpool face off against Sabretooth, one of the X-Men villains. Patrick Stewart, who plays Professor X in the X-Men movies, has expressed interest in potentially starring in Deadpool 3, though we’ll have to catch the film in theatres to find out if the rumours are true.

Deadpool 3 will come to cinemas on 26 July 2024.

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