DC Universe’s Swamp Thing Is Cancelled Just After One Episode

It’s only been a week, but DC Universe is already set to bid farewell to Swamp Thing after its one-season run comes to an end on the streaming service.

Following the airing of its pilot episode on May 31, 2019, the series has been confirmed to be dropped by the team, much to the dismay and outrage of fans.

The feeling is certainly understandable – while the character may not have gathered the same huge following as the traditional, widely-popular superheroes, the monster has built up a substantial reputation for itself over the years. Throw into the mix favourable reviews attained for the first episode and the tremendous promise demonstrated in the teaser trailer, and enthusiasts indeed have the right to feel angry about the unjust treatment.

Reportedly, the cancellation of Swamp Thing is attributed to the high production costs incurred, with a thread of tweets detailing a North Carolina rebate issue that resulted in an overall US$40 million loss. But its future has always appeared uncertain from the start: before the filming of the season finale, reports of an early shutdown and lacking support from the executives have been making their rounds.

Another reason cited for the cancellation is the creative differences between the involved parties, who were unable to come up with an effective compromise for a more horror-focused concept, and a “weekly procedural” approach.

No matter the case, this is undeniably bad news – not just for fans of the series, but for the DC Universe team as well. By making a premature judgment even with the relative success of its pilot episode, and showing a lack of faith in their own shows, the latter is hardly doing anything to inspire confidence among the community. If anything, they have just dug a hole for themselves.

Dire times call for unity, however. It’s heartening to know that fans have banded together to rally their support for the series, with the tag #SaveSwampThing on Twitter showing their solidarity.

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