Dave Bautista Is Playable As Marcus Fenix In Gears 5 As Part Of Xbox Series X Launch

Many folks remember Dave Bautista either as the six-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion Batista, or more recently as Drax the Destroyer in his recent exploits in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This time, the wrestler-turned-actor is hoping to also be remembered as Marcus Fenix from The Coalition’s Gears 5.

In an interesting new update, players on the Xbox Series X/S version of Gears 5 will be able to use Bautista’s likeness as a swappable skin for series’ main character Marcus Fenix. The update will also see a New Game+ mode coming to the game, as well as two new difficulty modes: the even more difficult ‘Inconceivable’, and the one-save ‘Ironman’ mode.

Interestingly, Bautista is already a playable character in the Gears 5 multiplayer, but this update is part of the game’s big “refresh” on 10 November, that updates and optimises its graphics and performance for Microsoft’s latest console.

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In addition, IGN reports that Gears 5 will be getting new story DLC this December, called Hivebusters. As the title describes, this DLC, which is slated to last around “3-4 hours”, will focus on the squad who appears in the game’s Escape mode

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