D23 Expo 2019: Kit Harington Takes The Black Of The Black Knight In Marvel’s The Eternals

From one black uniform to another black suit of armour. Somehow, Kit Harington just can’t seem to contain his love for black-armoured, sword-wielding badassery.

At the Marvel Studios panel at D23 Expo 2019, Marvel overlord Kevin Feige reintroduced the star-studded cast of the upcoming cosmic story The Eternals to throngs of screaming fans, with panels of them clad in full costume. He also revealed that the Englishman would join the cast as Dane Whitman, more famously known as the Black Knight.


This will no doubt come as a pleasant surprise to many a fan, seeing as Harington (not present at D23) became a media darling after his exploits as the White Walker-killing, nothing-knowing, aunt-loving Jon Snow from Game of Thrones.


While Dane Whitman ain’t no Jon Snow and, interestingly, not even an Eternal as he’s just a regular dude, his character is still an interesting blend of Arthurian mythology and reality mixed among the ranks of the fearsome powers the rest of the Eternals possess.

A master swordsman who is also a tinkerer and scientist, Whitman possesses the unique Ebony Sword, crafted by the iconic wizard Merlin. This cursed blade was an heirloom of his uncle’s, who was the previous Black Knight of villanous repute. If anything, Harington’s experience in Westeros would prove useful in portraying a morally-conflicted, sword-swinging badass in the Black Knight.


Despite not being an Eternal, the Black Knight is romantically involved with one of the cosmic super-beings, namely the one called Sersi, who will be played by recasted Captain Marvel star Gemma Chan.

Another fun fact is that Kit Harington will co-star alongside another King in the North — Richard Madden (who was Robb Stark in GoT), who is the Eternal Ikaris. That and the fact that the cast of The Eternals is a rather star-studded one, with the likes of Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie and Don Lee coming to the fray as well.

If anything, we’re assured of some really good drama alongside some spectacular action in the cosmic side of the MCU when The Eternals drops on November 6, 2020.