Cyberpunk Cat Simulator ‘Stray’ Receives Gorgeously Purr-fect New Trailer And 2022 Release

The idea of being a cat sounds really appealing, considering how these fluffy felines are able to sleep and annoy their human owners as they deem fit, and still receive gentle head scratches afterward. With BlueTwelve Studio’s upcoming title Stray, fans are one step closer to becoming an adorable, pretty-looking stray cat, as they roam around a dilapidated, run-down city soaked in the characteristic neon and vibrant hues of the cyberpunk genre.

The action-adventure tale was first announced at Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal event last year, taking the form of a stunningly beautiful trailer. Now, the studio has released a gameplay reel to complete the viewing experience, which showcases the mechanics in greater detail.

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Drawing upon the real-world abilities of a cat, players will be able to knock things over to solve puzzles or create new pathways, navigate through the environment with feline grace, and scratch up furniture as the titular cat. Between being injured and separated from its family, however, the world continues to be a dangerous endeavour.

It’s great, then, that there are allies, friends, and abilities upgrades laying in your way. While you’ll start out defenseless at first, you can build up your survivability by forging friendships and picking up new abilities and equipment, including one that grants an offensive skill of sorts to escape or deal with hairy (heh) situations.

 “Running fast, jumping, and using stealth to avoid dangers will all be vital if you want to escape the city and be reunited with your family,” producer Swann Martin-Raget says in the video.

The other form of aid comes by the way of a drone named B-12, who offers a different set of gifts. Apart from the ability to interact with objects in the world of Stray, it can also communicate with the city’s various robot inhabitants. The best part, though, is B-12’s special power: a purple death ray that razes dangerous rat-like creatures to oblivion.

Initially slated for release this year, the cat simulator game will now drop on PC, PS4, and PS5 in early 2022, despite the current 2021 listing on Steam.

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