Courts Singapore Says “Error” Caused $300 Price Increase For A PS5

The Sony PlayStation 5, only the hottest console on this side of the world in Asia.

If you’re one of the lucky gamers who had gotten it on launch day count your blessings if it was gotten at standard retail price.

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The hype of the console is not lost on electronic “retailer” Courts in Singapore as they are now selling a limited number of console for S$1,122.90 to be delivered on 1st December 2020. The official retail price for the PS5 is S$729.

Working out the math, this means that for an additional S$393.90 buyers will be getting an additional 2 years warranty for the console (S$294) and an extra DualSense controller (S$99.90).

This is an area of concern as it’s not clear how the warranty will be handled. Given the additional premium on warranty does this mean that buyers will be getting a 1:1 replacement if their current console breaks down?

It’s not an official warranty program ala Apple Care thus buyers need to think twice before pulling the trigger. So it really depends if you are willing to fork out that extra S$300 for that peace of mind that your PS5 is covered for the next 3 years.

[UPDATE from Courts – 30 November 2020] “The link uploaded was a result of a testing error and was live on the website for a short time, before it was quickly taken down. The link is no longer live and no purchases were made.” [END UPDATE]

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