Latest Company Of Heroes 3 Deep Dive Details Dynamic Campaign Map & New Systems

Latest Company Of Heroes 3 Deep Dive Details Dynamic Campaign Map & New Systems

If you are a big fan of real-time strategy, then you will no doubt be excited at the resurgence of the genre in recent times. Dune: Spice Wars was recently revealed alongside other licensed takes, but for others, Company of Heroes 3 might just be the one worth keeping a keen eye on. In the latest developer diary, Relic Entertainment takes us on a deep dive into the campaign of Company of Heroes 3.

At the heart of it all is the Dynamic Campaign Map, where the course of the Allied campaign in Italy is driven by action every day, battle by battle in Company of Heroes 3. A natural extension of commanding the battlefield, players will have a much better idea of what goes into fighting a war, and how important logistics and decisions will be down the line.

This can be reflected in various ways. If you choose to focus all on air superiority, you are going to need airfields to support that. The same goes for the navy and your land troops too, with systems interacting in overlapping ways to produce a more cohesive presentation of war.

The enemy will have access to the same tools of war throughout the campaign in Company of Heroes 3, so you will know exactly what you can do to cripple their operations, and vice versa. With 10 different kinds of skirmishes, players can expect to experience a variety of scenarios that are put together based on their position on the Dynamic Campaign Map and the surroundings, which will hopefully keep Company of Heroes 3 fresh.

This tight connection between the strategic layer and tactical layer of Company of Heroes 3 will certainly be music to fans’ ears. With a release set for 2022, here’s hoping for even more meaningful additions to an already impressive-looking game.