Classic ’80s Cartoon Silverhawks Getting Revival

We asked for it six years ago, and our prayers have been answered.

’80s animated series Silverhawks, a companion series from the folks of Rankin/Bass Productions, who gave 80s kids the iconic animated series, ThunderCats, is next in line for a revival. According to a report from Deadline, the series is getting revived, instead of getting a reboot. The difference? A revival can be a continuation of a series, whereas a reboot is a new take on the property.

While some grown-ups might cringe at either, seeing as how modern reboots of their favourite ’80s cartoons have been less than impressive (See modern ThunderCats), there is a… ahem… silver lining here – the show is getting revived by The Nacelle Company, which is working with Silverhawks LLC to bring the property back for a modern audience.

While the name gives off some Star Trek vibes, The Nacelle Company is the company behind the extremely popular Netflix documentary series, The Movies That Made Us, which looks at the revists the making of popular ’80s movies, as well as two fantastic seasons of The Toys That Made Us, which, as you might have guessed, revisits the origins behind some of the more popular toy lines from the 80s as well.

The way the series honours iconic toys, including He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and Transformers, has won fans over, including Super7, a modern pop-culture design house and high-end toymaker known for its ReAction figures. The company, which announced the release of a SilverHawks Ultimates line of action figures earlier last month, is also behind Silverhawks LLC.

Released in 1986, Silverhawks is a 65-episode series that centered around a team of 29th Century law enforcement heroes with metal bodies and wings, fighting to protect the citizens of the Galaxy of Limbo against the evil alien Mon*Star and his team of space criminals.

While the series retained the similar talents involved in ThunderCats, it didn’t enjoy the same level of success of cool cats and currently remains a cult favourite among those who grew up in that era.

Unfortunately, details of when the revived space animated fantasy series will air were not revealed.