Chris Evans Wants To Visit A Galaxy Far, Far Away With Kevin Feige’s Star Wars Movie

Captain America might just be moving to a galaxy far, far away as Chris Evans has just announced in a tweet that he is more than willing to star in Marvel President Kevin Feige’s upcoming series of Star Wars movies.

Evan’s tweet was made in response to Collider’s question on their Twitter, where they asked which MCU star will their audience like to see appear in a Star Wars movie, to which Evans succinctly replied with a short and simple, “Me.”

Collider was definitely on board with the idea.

The tweet quickly garnered several positive responses from fans of Evan, with some even posting fan arts of Captain America wielding a lightsaber along with his iconic shield.

It also seems America will have to relinquish their claim on Chris Evan’s ass as it’ll soon be the galaxy’s ass instead.

Along with the announcement that Feige is currently working with Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy on a series of Star Wars films came the rumour that Feige already has a major actor in mind for the movie. Could that actor be Evans and this whole tweet is actually a (not so) subtle hint?

Probably not, but you never know.

Above feature image is credited to @WarMFMachine.