Chris Evans Clarifies “That” Viral Number Neighbour Tweet Is A Hoax

Number neighbour is a viral trend which is making its rounds on Twitter.

The premise is simple. All you need to do is text the phone number is adjacent to your own phone number. An example of this would be if your number is 82345678, your number neighbour would be 82345677 or 82345679.

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There have been quite a few good stories of folks getting good results texting their number neighbour and it seems that one particular individual might have lucked out.

@niyahjimenez went viral after she interacted with Chris Evans, of Captain America fame, after contacting her “number neighbour”. Niyah shared the tweet, posting a screenshot of her FaceTime with Evan producing all the receipts –

But like most things on the Internet, it seemed too good to be true.

Apparently, the tweet went sufficiently viral enough for Chris Evans himself to step in and clarify the issue. Evans is quite the prolific user of Twitter himself and knows his way around the Internet –

Even Jeremy Renner has entered the picture to help ensure Evans’ tweet gets amplified –

It seems that Niyah’s antics are not quite well received after the clarification considering her social profiles are now spammed with the clown emoji.

Guess when the story is too good to be true, it probably is.