Chaotic, Bloody Fun Arrives With ‘The Boys’ Season Four Trailer, Premieres 2024

Can we get enough of ‘The Boys‘? Given that Prime Video dropped its latest teaser trailer for its flagship superhero title following the season finale of ‘Gen V‘ it goes to show that there’s much love toward the universe.

The last time we met the gang, Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) is pretty much washed up. Having lost Becca’s son to Homelander (Antony Starr) and his role as The Boys’ leader, things are not looking good at all for the team.

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In the trailer, we hear a political strategist suggesting to Homelander that he should exploit existing societal divisions to his advantage, allowing people to engage in conflict while he positions himself as the savior who can restore order. The Boys always has been willing to lean in and parody real-world events and it seems that they have no intent in pulling their punches.

the boys

At the same time, we’re getting a better look at new characters such as Firecracker (Valorie Curry) and Sister Sage (Susan Heyward).

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Capping off the trailer, Jeffrey Dean Morgan comes face to face with Billy Butcher but we have no idea still who he might be playing. One thing is for sure – he’s not impressed with The Boys moniker at all.