Fallout Amazon Prime Video Trailer

The Wasteland Beckons In First ‘Fallout’ Amazon Prime Video Trailer

After giving fans an early look at the upcoming live-action adaptation of Fallout, Amazon Prime Video has gone one step further into the post-apocalyptic wasteland with the official teaser trailer.

Debuted at the Fallout panel at CCXP, Brazil’s massive fan and comic book convention in São Paulo, it gave us a clearer picture of how the streaming series is attempting to bring to life the beloved video game franchise from Bethesda.

We see Lucy, played by Ella Purnell, leaving the comfort of the Vault to venture into the dangerous world outside, and just like how war never changes, life outside the safety of Vault-Tec’s havens is always going to be a dangerous one.

From mutated creatures, settlements that would be comfortable anywhere in the games, a precious dog companion, and, of course, the militant Brotherhood of Steel for good measure, this is a world that fans would have no problem getting into. Dark humour, plenty of conspiracies and intrigue, and an adventure of a lifetime all make for a potent combination.

Fallout Amazon Prime Video Ghoul

Did we mention that the soundtrack is right on point as well? Hearing Nat King Cole’s I Don’t Want To See Tomorrow sets the mood quite perfectly, and hopefully, that would be the case the entire season.

The Amazon adaptation of Fallout takes place about 200 years after the world-ending nuclear blasts and is considered canon in the lore, giving fans even more incentive to watch the show when it starts streaming on 12 April 2024.