Scrapped ‘The Boys’ Film Trilogy From 2008 Had A Finished Screenplay

Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) shook up Hollywood and renewed interest in superhero films with 2012’s The Avengers, there was an idea to do something with comic book series The Boys, which would’ve been adapted into a film trilogy, if the project didn’t get scrapped initially.

the boys film

The idea to adapt it was actor and screenwriter Seth Rogen’s, along with collaborator Evan Goldberg, who first went to Sony and pitched the idea. Co-creator Darick Robertson revealed that “for a while, director Adam McKay was trying to turn ‘The Boys’ into a trilogy of movies — the first one went as far as a finished screenplay and even demo animatics of scenes — but he wasn’t able to get it greenlighted in a pre-MCU Hollywood.”

the boys film

Sony had bought the rights to the franchise back in 2008, when the film trilogy was in development, but ultimately decided to scrap it because “it just came down to it being 2008, not 2018. I just don’t think they were ready for it yet.”

It would be a year after 2018 that The Boys finally got their hard-earned screen adaptation as a TV series, with Rogen, Goldberg, and Robertson at the helm, along with showrunner Eric Kripke (Supernatural), which has four seasons to date and a fifth in development.

While we might never get The Boys as a film with Season 5 being the show’s last outing, the future of the franchise is still bright.