DC movies, traditionally, has always been helmed by male talents, so it’s good that the industry giant is starting to pave the way for more female directors to come. Following the recent addition of Wonder Woman’s Patty Jenkins and Ava DuVernay – the directing force behind upcoming film The New Gods – into their ranks, Cathy Yan is next on the list.

Moving on from her award-winning indie film Dead Pigs, she’s set to direct the next Harley Quinn movie, following the character’s scene-stealing performance in Suicide Squad. Starring Margot Robbie, the untitled superhero film will be based on Birds of Prey, which features the supervillain teaming up with the likes of Black Canary, Babara Gordon (Batgirl), and Huntress.

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A deal has yet to be made, and that means details up to this point are really, really scarce. It’s not known if any of the characters are to be included in the film, but what’s clear is that Yan will become the first female Asian to ever direct a superhero film, should the arrangement goes through.

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It may come as a bit of surprise that Yan is the choice director, considering how she’s a relatively new name in the community. Robbie’s insistence on having a female filmmaker certainly did help her case, and with the success of her debut work, it would only be fair for fans to give her the chance and time that she deserves.

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