Bungie Director Opens Up About The Destiny of Destiny

Following Bungie’s announcement, earlier this month about the game development company’s decision to split from Activision, Destiny franchise director Luke Smith has stepped forward to assure fans that the future of Bungie will lie with the Destiny series.

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In Bungie’s weekly community update, Smith wrote a letter that firstly thanks Activision for their help over the years before moving to outline the company’s long and short term plans for the Destiny franchise.

With regards to Bungie’s short term plan, they will be continuing to build content for the Annual Pass. Building on criticism received on the high power requirement in the last Black Armory expansion, Smith adds that Bungie wishes ”to find the line between new content that many players can play, and aspirational content for players to progress toward.”

For their long term plans, Smith remains tight-lipped about most of their plans, reiterating that “Bungie is committed to Destiny” and because of that, a “vast majority” of Bungie is hard at work producing future content for the game.

Smith ends the letter saying that he sees a bright future for Destiny, with “roots in a memorable past”. We can only wait and hope that a great expansion happens sometime soon.

That said, Smith’s letter begs a question of what that small minority in Bungie is working on. Perhaps… a new game?