Blood, Gore, and Guts – Warhammer 40k Dawn of War III Beta!

In just two weeks time, we will once again be thrusted into the world of Space Marines, Orks, and the Eldar in Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War III. One of the longest running fantasy franchises out there, the Dawn of War series offers a departure from the traditional real-time strategy (RTS) formula while adding some more awesome features.

This latest entry will see the gigantic war machines in franchise history enter the fray, and large-scale battles will take place across large swathes of gorgeous landscapes.With a three-faction campaign, brand new abilities to rain hell on your enemies, and elite squads to lead your armies to victory, it’s shaping up to be the best Dawn of War game ever!

Other than the potentially stellar single-player campaign, multiplayer is where you can cut your teeth against the best of our puny world. To give you a headstart, there will be an Open Beta happening from April 21 – 24 (Sign up here) for you to test out the new heroes, units, and destructive abilities!

If you are new to the franchise or even to the RTS genre, fear not, SEGA Europe Ltd and Relic Entertainment has prepared a series of showcases that will teach you the basics and deeper strategies of multiplayer warfare unique to the Dawn of War series, catch Fog of War here:

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However, if you are already a seasoned commander and just want a taste of the impending chaos and destruction awaiting you in the multiplayer arena, here’s a glimpse of what could happen in a 3v3 match!

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Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War III will be releasing on April 27th.

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