Blizzard and Facebook combine forces to bring gaming to the masses

Overwatch has been quite the phenomenon. While it just might be hype, Facebook is hedging their bets with the game and other Blizzard titles as well such as Hearthstone. Soon enough, you would be able to stream your gameplay directly to your Facebook newsfeed at the click of a button. While it seems that such integration is a no brainer, the steps to allow for this clearly is no simple task. Just google the conditions essential for streaming onto Twitch and YouTube would put the average gamer off.

But Blizzard loves the mainstream crowd and Facebook absolutely loves live video at the current point in time.

It does help that Overwatch is easy to understand and as with most FPS-es, easy to comprehend as well in comparison to MOBAs. The good thing about the Overwatch community thus far (or at least with the folks that I’ve been playing online) is that everyone is pretty much cordial in game. The urge to become caustic towards your team-mates have been close to none. With the implementation of Facebook Live video, it would be likely that such stellar behaviour would continue considering that one would probably be using their real name or channelled to a community page where image is everything.


The tricky thing is that the timeline for this is murky but seemed important enough to warrant an official press release. In a nutshell, Blizzard will be adding a “Go Live” button within their games and that would be simply all that’s needed for gamers to stream live to their Facebook timeline. To think that in the past Facebook gaming was all about candies and farms, this is by far the biggest step forward for the platform in taking over the Internet when it come to herding communities together. Can’t wait to see how to final implementation would turn out to be.

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