Beyblade Lets It Rip With Upcoming Regional S.I.M. Cup Tournament Held In Singapore

Ah, Beyblade. One of the many awesome things to have come out of the turn of the millennium, among the likes of Zoids, Monster Rancher, and more, Beyblade has been an integral part of the growing up of the millennial generation.

The competitive nature of the iconic Japanese spinning top franchise spawned a host of tournaments in Asia and elsewhere in the globe. This time, it makes its way to the Little Red Dot in the form of the S.I.M. Cup (Singapore, Indonesia & Malaysia), which will be held in Singapore, from November 8 – 10.

This tournament will be the first-ever regional tournament that will feature contestants specifically from the three countries battling it out for glory. The S.I.M. Cup will feature Beyblades from the latest iteration of the franchise — Beyblade Burst.

Qualifying matches will take place from November 8 – 10, and will culminate in the finals on November 10, where the top two Beybladers from each nation will duke it out.

If you’re keen on taking part in the S.I.M. Cup, you may visit the Beyblade Singapore Facebook page for more information. If you’d just like to watch contestants letting it rip, here are the pertinent details you need to know:

Date: 8 – 10 November 2019
Venue: Suntec City, North Atrium, Singapore