Beastars Creator Confirms Season 2 To Be Released On Netflix In 2021

Donning a chicken mask, Beastars creator, Paru Itagaki makes a rare public appearance on Netflix’s Twitter for a special announcement. Season 2 of the highly pawpular Netflix anime will return in 2021, eggcelent!

Orange, the animation studio behind Beastars has also released their own teasers for the new season. As a highly acclaimed 3DCG studio in Japan, Orange is known for its lion’s share of contributions to the industry. The studio has also produced another groundbreaking anime, Land of the Lustrous (Houseki no Kuni).

Popularly known as a “darker Zootopia“, the plot of Beastars is enthralling due to its unflinching take on hard-to-swallow themes and societal issues. The story follows an adolescent anthropomorphic wolf, Legosi as he navigates his way through a world where carnivores are forced to suppress their hunter instincts and herbivores fight to overcome their instinctive fear in order to coexist with one another.

Fans can look forward to more exciting updates from the team soon. meanwhile, you can check out the manga itself for more of the plot and admire Paru’s pawsome art style. Don’t leak any spoilers though!