Be Your Own Flash Game Dev With The New Giphy Arcade

Remember the glory days of flash games from the likes of Newgrounds, Kongregate and Miniclip a decade ago? Well, they’re back, in a way, thanks to the all-new Giphy Arcade.

The new (free) flash game site is quite a fresh way to bring the long-dead entertainment medium to the social media age. Using the GIF-making website as its base, you’ll be able to play flash games based on a variety of basic, yet iconic game modes, such as runners, shoot-em-ups, and the like.

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While you can certainly play some of the premade games on Giphy Arcade (including even a few by Wendy’s, whose games include assets from their new Tabletop RPG Feast of Legends), the main draw here is that you can remix these games into your own, as well as create and share your own flash games from scratch.

If you’re keen on unleashing your creative juices on the flash game maker, the process is pretty simple. You pick one of ten game templates, then select up to three GIFs to populate your game, pick a backdrop and background music, give it a name and you’re done!

Wendy running and jumping over Lil Yachty over an animated heart background? Why not?

As for what GIFs you want to use, the extensive Giphy treasury is the limit, which speaks volumes fo the amount of creative license you get. And again, all this is totally free.

If playing MS-DOS games on your browser isn’t your thing, then Giphy Arcade might just scratch your itch for something a little more accessible.