sega genesis mini 2

Sega Launching ‘Genesis Mini 2’ In North America This October

Fans of retro gaming, rejoice! SEGA tweeted Wednesday that it is launching the Genesis Mini 2 in North America on 27 October, the same day the console (also known as Mega Drive Mini 2) launches in Japan.

The mini console will have over 50 classic games, including SEGA CD titles, all of which were not released with the Genesis Mini (which had 42 games for US$80).

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From SEGA‘s website, the revealed games so far are:

  • SEGA Genesis
    • After Burner II
    • Alien Soldier
    • Bonanza Brothers: Wanted Dead or Alive
    • Night Striker
    • Lightening Force
    • Out Run
    • Out Runners
    • Rainbow Islands Extra
    • Rolling Thunder 2
    • Shining in the Darkness
    • Sonic 3D Blast
    • Splatterhouse 2
    • Super Hang On
    • The Ninja Warriors
    • The Ooze
    • Vectorman 2
    • Virtua Racing
    • Mansion of Hidden Souls
    • Sonic CD
    • Shining Force CD
    • Silpheed
  • Bonus
    • Fantasy Zone
    • Star Mobile

The SEGA Genesis Mini 2 will be sold via Amazon for about US$100, not inclusive of shipping. No news yet if or when the mini console will be available in other parts of the world.