Batmobile From The Batman Might Be A Muscle Car

Aside from the leaked on-set images of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, our appetites for The Batman just got whetted even further with a new rumour regarding the new Dark Knight’s ride, the Batmobile.

Bill Ramey from Batman-On-Film reports that the new Batmobile could sport a more classic look in the form of a modified “muscle car”, instead of its heavy-duty, armoured predecessors like the Tumbler from The Dark Knight, or the Batfleck version from Batman v Superman and Justice League (and, by extension, the tank-like Batmobile from Batman: Arkham Knight).

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Ramey also speculates that the new Batmobile may not be as “stylised as the Batmobiles from the Burton/Schumacher films.” As such, we imagine it could take cues from the one from the classic Adam West-led TV series from 1966, which does resemble a muscle car, though maybe with a hood on.

Perhaps it could look like the new Lamborghini Vision GT instead? Only time will tell, it seems.

Finally, he reports that Pattinson’s new Batsuit may be “different from any of the Batsuits we’ve seen in previous Batman movies”, though that hunch remains to be seen. Even though production is still underway, hopefully we’ll be able to see just how Pattinson’s rendition of the Caped Crusader looks in full.

In any case, we’ll be ready for The Batman when it opens in theatres on 25 June 2021.