Avengers Assemble at VivoCity

It’s Age of Ultron weekend and with only a week to go to the release of the movie, there’s plenty to experience and see to get your Avengers fix.

VivoCity, a shopping mall, has worked with Disney to bring what I can best describe as a mini STGCC of sorts. It will be a good place to visit this weekend and need an excuse to purchase toys for geeks both young and old.

avengers assemble vivo city (2)

Toy displays are always welcome and a definite crowd pleaser. Hold on to your wallets as there’s plenty for you to spluge on.

These mini Hulkbusters are great if space is really a concern. But honestly, can you settle for less?

avengers assemble vivo city (3)

This is where it’s at – a diorama of Hulkbuster vs the Hulk that we’ve seen in the recent trailer. It was pretty tricky to grab a good shot of the display with the reflections and all.

avengers assemble vivo city (5)

Shut up and take my money? Most definitely. The diorama is too epic for pictures, an in person viewing is mandatory.

avengers assemble vivo city (6)
It’s not going to end well for Tony.

While Dad (or Mom) occupies themselves with the toys there’s a few cool highlights for the kids as well.

Think of it as dressing up for boys, this Kinect based ‘game’ allows users to suit up as Iron Man to blast targets and fly (or hover) about.

avengers assemble vivo city (7)

Queues were pretty short for this as most seemed to be more interested in getting their picture taken.

avengers assemble vivo city (8)

Try your hand at lifting up the Mjölnir and you get the walk away with a small reward after answering a few more questions. Seriously? After lifting the Mjölnir I’m still not worthy??

avengers assemble vivo city (10)

avengers assemble vivo city (11)
No sweat.

The biggest draw of this entire setup would be four Avengers all lining and screaming out to you to whip out your phone and take a picture with them.

Apparently the figures are all life size and it was a disappointment to me to see that Hulk was rather short. The dude needs to adopt a better hero pose.

avengers assemble vivo city (1)

Expect to see super long lines for this photo op during peak hours. The only pity were the barriers put up else this shot would be perfect.

avengers assemble vivo city (4)
Say cheese!

The showcase runs from 15 April to 3 May at VivoCity, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you miss out on this!