4K ‘Avatar’ Re-release Earns US$877K From International Box Office Ahead Of Sequel Premiere

James Cameron’s sci-fi epic Avatar has returned to theatres ahead of the premiere of Avatar: The Way of Water. The re-release sees a remastered version of the original 2009 film in 4K HDR and has been released in five international markets: France, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Belgium and the Philippines.

Thus far, the film’s re-release has collected US$877K in these five markets. The film opened at number one in France, earning US$513K. It opened at third place in Korea with US$277K. The movie also topped the box office in Belgium, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines but specific numbers have not been reported for these regions yet.

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As Avatar sweeps through several markets, including Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Germany and more in the next coming days, the movie’s earnings are expected to rise.

Avatar follows a recent wave of theatrical re-release of several films this year including E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Jaws and an extended version of Spider-Man: No Way Home. More importantly, the release comes amidst the anticipation for its long-awaited sequel.

Avatar returns to theatres on 23 September. Avatar: The Way of Water will make its splash on 16 December.