Ubisoft's 'Splinter Cell' Remake Job Listing Points To Updated Approach To Iconic Franchise

Ubisoft ‘Splinter Cell’ Remake Job Listing Points To Updated Approach To Iconic Franchise

The wait continues for fans of Ubisoft‘s stealth franchise, Splinter Cell, although we have had some good news in that a remake has been greenlit. That was back in December of 2021, with the project being led by Ubisoft Toronto and powered by the Snowdrop engine. While details are still scarce, a new job listing for the Splinter Cell remake is pointing toward a change in the narrative of the game.

A job listing for a scriptwriter to work on the game will see the story updated “for a modern-day audience.” Part of the job listing also shed more light on what players could potentially expect for Sam Fisher’s next adventure.

“Using the first Splinter Cell game as our foundation, we are rewriting and updating the story for a modern-day audience,” the Splinter Cell remake posting reads. “We want to keep the spirit and themes of the original game while exploring our characters and the world to make them more authentic and believable.”

“As a Scriptwriter at Ubisoft Toronto, you will join the Narrative team and help create a cohesive and compelling narrative experience for a new audience of Splinter Cell fans.”

The Splinter Cell remake has been a long time coming.

If you weren’t aware, the original Splinter Cell was everything an espionage-focused outing could be, with themes of genocide, cyberattacks, and national security prominent. That said, it was set in 2004, and we have made leaps and bounds since then, and the Splinter Cell remake will take advantage of that.

It remains to be seen if the writers and developers at Ubisoft Toronto can strike that balance, but with time to spare, our fingers are crossed. Having worked on many other Tom Clancy-type games over the years, it should give Ubisoft a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

There is no release date or platforms announced for the Splinter Cell remake just yet.