ASUS Levels Up With ROG Ally X Handheld PC, Touts Double The Battery Life & More

The ROG Ally proved to be a true, well, ally for on-the-go gaming, and ASUS is looking to upgrade the experience in all the ways that matter. The ROG Ally X, first teased last month, has now been officially unveiled at Computex 2024 with several hardware improvements, including a new chassis, better battery life, increased RAM and storage, and improved buttons, joystick, and D-pad ergonomics.

For starters, the device isn’t a successor to the original. Instead, it acts more like a mid-cycle refresh similar to the OLED treatment for the Nintendo Switch in 2019, touting the same AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor as before. Storage, however, is raised to 24GB, with battery capacity coming in at 80Wh — double the size of the previous model.

The chassis also gets a brand-new black colourway, alongside slightly deeper handles and a more rounded shape for better comfort. Other ergonomic tweaks include smaller macro buttons to reduce accidental presses, more sloped triggers, and improved D-pad input. All in all, the ROG Ally X tips the scale at 678 grams, 70 grams more than the original.

ASUS Reveals ROG Ally X

The console welcomes two USB-C ports, one USB 3.2 Gen 2 and one USB 4, which allows for external display output even while charging.

As for cooling, users can expect enhanced airflow delivery for extended gaming sessions. The handheld PC features smaller fans that utilise 50 percent thinner blades and an additional third vent on its upper edge, such that its internal components and touch screen go up to 6°C cooler.


The all-new, black ROG ALLY X can now deliver up to 6hrs of on-the-go gaming on a single charge of its 80Wh battery (double of the ROG ALLY), along with 24GB of RAM and 1TB SSD. There’s even improved ergonomics, d-pad, joysticks and buttons. It also comes with 3 months of Game Pass! Available in July 2024. #asus #rogally #rogallyx #tech #gaming #gamingontiktok #computex #computex2024 #geek #fyp

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Finally, the Armoury Crate SE 1.5 now sports a new customisable game library and unified system updates. The ROG Ally X is available for pre-order at S$1,199 now, and every purchase comes with 3 free months of Xbox Game Pass, along with an ROG Charger.