Ex-Mr Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger Teases Mystery “Zeus” Project

From Hercules to Zeus, it seems that Arnold Schwarzenegger is moving up the Greek mythological ladder. After all, the Governator once played Hercules way back in 1970 in his acting debut.

Fast forward to February 2022, Schwarzenegger reveals a poster with him as the God of Thunder.

This came pretty out of nowhere and we have no idea what the entire project is about. The movie / series / game doesn’t seem tied to any major studio. For all we know, it could end up simply being an elaborate fan art.

Culturally, the only major event in February 2022 would be the Superbowl but it makes little sense to release something indie during the period. So it may very well just be a commercial for a new product line.

Outside of Zeus, the only other project that Arnold Schwarzenegger is working on would be his Twins sequel – Triplets. In an era of a multitude of remakes and multiversal hijinks, it would be hilarious to see if Schwarzenegger’s past role as Herc makes an appearance in Zeus as well.