ARK: Survival Evolved Launches On PlayStation 4 In Asia!

Jurassic Park holds no candle to the sense of danger lurking in ARK: Survival Evolved. Imagine being stuck on island with over 100 dinosaurs and prehistoric animals roaming about, with nothing but the natural environment and one’s survival instinct to depend on.

While players elsewhere have already experienced the perils of surviving in the harsh wilderness, those in Asia can finally feel the thrill of it, four months after the initial launch of ARK: Survival Evolved.

Of course, with a new game release comes good news: the title will be having a 10% discount alongside ARK: Survival Evolved – Explorer’s Edition (main game + Season Pass) on the PlayStation Network.

The open-world survival game starts you off on the shores of a mysterious island, where the player has to hunt, gather materials, and build bases to survive. Like Monster Hunter, there are always wild creatures hanging around the areas, but unlike Monster Hunter, they can actually be tamed.

Fancy faster movement through the thick vegetation of a forest? Just hop onto a Utahraptor, and you’ll reach your destination in no time. Need extra help in taking down the enemy? Subdue a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and become the most powerful duo. With a wide spectrum of abilities available, the possibilities to utilise them to one’s advantage are limitless.

Fans of the survival genre would be familiar with the elements of ARK: Survival Evolved. Apart from being resourceful, players are also challenged to manage their stamina, hunger, and thirst in extreme temperatures. This touch of realism is bound to keep players on their feet as they straddle between decision-making and strategic thinking.

For the adrenaline seekers, there’s also the online multiplayer mode where you can test your mettle against 99 others on the PvP servers. If teamwork is more of your thing, the PvE servers are available as well, in which tribes can be organised to fight hordes.

Should the game prove to be too easy, its first DLC ARK: Scorched Earth is bound to up the ante. Featuring a drought-ridden world of barren deserts and further-evolved creatures, the player is set to face scarce resources and an intense difference between day-to-night temperatures.

Retailing at a price of $55, Ark: Survival Evolved is the ultimate open-world survival game, fitting for dinosaur-loving individuals and fans of survival titles alike.