Open World 'Terminator' Survival Game Features Original Story & Familiar T-800

Nacon Unveils Open-World ‘Terminator’ Survival Game

Two years after its announcement and a game teaser trailer, publisher Nacon is finally ready to show off its Terminator open-world survival game at Nacon Connect 2024 on 29 February.

terminator survival game

The Terminator survival game is set between the events of Judgment Day, where the Skynet nuclear strike practically ends humanity, and the formation of the resistance under the leadership of John Connor, and players will get to explore the world post nuclear strike in a Fallout 4-esque situation.

Players assume the role of a group of nuclear apocalypse survivors fighting to stay alive as the Terminator army controls the city, going up against terrifying enemies like the T-800, which was seen hunting someone down in the 2022 trailer. After two years in development, the game is likely in a more finished state, though it has no confirmed release date.

Nacon Connect will present 30 minutes of footage for various other games, including GreedFall 2: The Dying World, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, Ravenswatch, Crown Wars: The Black Prince, as well as the upcoming Terminator game.