Arc System Works Reveal Fighter 'DNF Duel' With New Smashing Trailer

Arc System Works Reveal New Fighter ‘DNF Duel’ With Smashing Trailer

A blast from the past is always nostalgically welcomed by everyone, and Nexon, together with renowned fighting game masters Arc System Works, are giving us just that with a brand new trailer for DNF Duel, which is inspired by the Dungeon Fighter/Dungeon & Fighter franchise.

While the franchise might not be familiar to modern gamers, the art style of this fighter is going to instantly remind one of Arc System Works. The studio, which recently just put out the amazing Guilty Gear Strive, will look to bring their magic yet again with DNF Duel.

The source of this new fighting game, Dungeon Fighter Online, is a well-known multiplayer beat ’em up action role-playing game, although its popularity is much higher here in Asia. With a well-established base there, it makes sense for a property like this to extend its reach further.

While there is no word just yet, we can expect DNF Duel to get a western release. Even if it is going to take months or even a year, the pedigree of Arc System Works is one that is worth waiting for.