Apple’s App Store Stopped Over U$7 Billion In Fraudulent Transactions Over 4 Years

While the vast majority of Apple’s App Store has remained safe for users over the years, the amount nearly lost in scams might be surprising. Nearly US$7 billion was lost in fraudulent transactions on the App Store, if not for Apple’s robust security system stopping those transactions.

app store fraudulent

In 2023 alone, the tech giant rejected more than 1.7 million app submissions for failing to meet the App Store’s stringent standards for privacy, security, and content. Fake apps that claim to mimic payment apps, or games like Minecraft and go on to charge in-app transactions, and look so similar to the app they’re spoofing that it’s hard to tell.

Not to mention Apple’s stringent review process, which identified apps initially misrepresented as harmless products — such as photo editors or puzzle games — that later transformed post review into pirate movie streaming platforms, illegal gambling apps, or fraudulent and predatory loan issuers.

Apps that blatantly copy other apps are also not allowed on Apple’s store, along with those that contain hidden or undocumented features, and those with problematic content. Still, the App Store has been opening up in recent years, allowing emulator apps onto the platform in its most recent move, and continues to review its processes.

With an increasing amount of fraudulent activity on the rise, one thing’s for sure: scams never change, but there will always be a developer to combat it.