Apparently, These KFC Crocs Are So Finger-Lickin’ Good That They’re Already Sold Out

Kentucky Fried Chicken. The everyday man’s source of sustenance. But as far as we know, absolutely nobody ever asked to slip on a pair of KFC drumsticks on their feet. But now it’s possible, and you can thank Crocs for making it happen.

Yes, it happened. Foodies who want to wear their heart on their sleeve (read: foot) can don the KFC x Crocs shoes in style. But at the time of writing, they’ve only just sold out, just an hour after the official launch earlier this week. Talk about finger-lickin’ good.

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To be fair, there can be much to love about this pair of fast-food-inspired-footwear, which sparked its insanely quick sellout. The KFC x Crocs clogs sports a red-and-white midsole, as well as a heel strap that bears a striking resemblance to a bucket of the iconic fried chicken. Printed on the forefoot, ingeniously, is a heap of fried chicken.

And the cherry, er, chicken on top is a pair of drumstick-shaped Jibbitz charms that actually bear the heavenly smell of fried chicken. Okay,

We can imagine these clogs were also peppered with the secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices. Not to mention imagine how heavenly your feet might smell like when putting them on.

Last year, we were bamboozled by Nissin collaborating with HyperX to drop a pair of cup noodle-themed headphones, but ultimately that was just an April Fool’s hoax. This collab, however, is the stuff of dreams for fried chicken diehards. Hopefully, Crocs are working on restocks for these shoes, if not working on more Original Recipe kicks with KFC.

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