Anthem Glitches Make Your Javelins Even Cooler

Despite fixing a lot of major issues in the game, Anthem’s latest patch fix seemed to have still missed out on some bugs. Though it seems that not all of them are bad, game-breaking ones. Players in the game have recently discovered a few glitches that make their Javelin suits even cooler than it already is.

There are a total of four types of Javelin in the game: the Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor. Each comes with its own set of abilities to differentiate them from each other. Over the course of the game, players will unlock the different Javelins and will be able to create custom builds to switch between.

However, a glitch in the game has prevented players from cleanly switching between Javelins which might result in the game loading two Javelins into one. In a Reddit post by user Feefski, they shared a clip of the heavy, tank-like Colossus nimbly flying around the playing field, causing mass destruction to its enemies. Which essentially takes away the one downside of using the Colossus, it’s slow speed.

Colossus Javelin + Interceptor Skills = Unstoppable Force from AnthemTheGame

To activate the glitch, players will have to go to the Forge, select a Javelin, then leave and come back again to switch to another but this time rapidly clicking on the Escape button when the blue ring appears. If done right, players should have successfully combined their two desired Javelins together.

Another cool glitch that users are experiencing involves the use of the Javelin’s guns or abilities mid-flight, which is something players usually are not able to do.

Usually using a flamethrower while flying will make you hover. If you start the lightning coil first, you become a dragon wreaking havoc on all your prey below. from AnthemTheGame

Reddit user Miniscream has discovered that if players trigger their lightning coil attack before taking off into the air, they will even be able to still use their flamethrower once they are in flight mode.

BioWare is likely to remove this bug sometime in the near future so enjoy these glitches while you still can.

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